Welcome to Edge81 and Por Vida Jewelry

About Us

Growing up in the Caribbean, my sense of style was influenced early on by the swirling mix of cultures that touch my little island: the patterns and textures of Spanish architecture and cobblestone streets, sunset colors above sandy beaches, and city lights at night that splash glitter across a restless sea.

But without a doubt, my mama and my abuelas (grandmas) always has been and always will be my greatest style inspiration. My mom and both of my abuelas taught me to be authentic, to value quality and individuality. This 3 mujeres are the ones I keep in the forefront of my mind as I’m building collections for you.

With over a decade of experience in the photography, makeup artist and retail industry I’m able to put my editorial eye to work for you, choosing the best, most unique designs and materials to add to Edge81’s distinctive offerings.

When you wear one of our pieces, you’re telling the world that you know yourself, that you’re an original, that you have an eye for the unique. And I’m so very proud, so thankful and honored, to be a small part of the extraordinary you the world gets to see.

All my best, 

Edith Lymarie